Shababul Eidiz Zahabi, KUWAIT


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Plant a Tree in my country

Shababul Eidiz Zahabi – Kuwait (Najmi mohalla Salmiya) on 76th Birthday of His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin(TUS) organized "Plant a tree in My Country" a plantation activity at Boulevard Park in Salmiya.

This event was in Partnership with “Burhani Foundation –India” and sponsored by Al Tijaria Commercial Real Estate Co.(Owner of Boulevard Park). People from Dawoodi Bohra community from all age groups of 5 years to 70+ planted 553 Trees and also we gave away 1500 saplings to the attendees.

The event started with felicitation of Chief Guest of Bohra Community Head in Kuwait Amil Saheb Janab Yahya Bhai Sahab, Moawil Amil Saheb Janab Mufaddal Bhai Saheb and members of Anjuman E Burhani Kuwait. Janab Yahya bhai sahab said few words praising SEZ’s contribution for past 18 months for doing environmental and cleanliness activities with certificate of appreciation and hadaya.

The momentous were given to Al Tijaria top management of their support for the activity which included Assistant CEO.

More than 20 pairs of pigeon were made free as caring for birdlife freeing from cage.

Before activity the registration for attendee were made online which counted for more than 1500.The registrations were marked with attendance on welcome counter with gesture of welcome gift of a seedling and food parcel.

As the plantation was limited for 553 plants the registration of first 553 persons were allotted a coupon with a block.

There were total 6 Blocks for planting, starting from Block A to Block F and two separate Block for VIP A and VIP B

The activity also included recreation activities for women and children in football field.

The activity for plantation started with chief guest planting and then with person planting in their respective blocks. The activity concluded with completion of plantation at all blocks.

We take great pride in contributing to a greener earth by the above activity and hope to continue our efforts in make a greener earth for the generations to come and nourish the same.

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Plant A tree Event at Boulevard Park

On Occasion of 75th Milaad Mubarak, Plant A tree Event at Boulevard Park in Collaboration with Burhani Foundation and Shabaul Eidz Zahabi-Kuwait..Sheikh Mohammad Al Sabah was chief Guest of the event, more than 1000 trees were planted today, Ayan ul Jamaat and above 300 mumineen took part in this successful event..Shababul Eidiz Zahabi Kuwait committed to plant 500 more trees in our localities as per Aqa Maula (TUS) farman, Inshallah

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Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Maula (RA) Urus Jamaan Khidmat

SEZ Kuwait (Najmi Mohalla Salmiya) today got Sharaf of doing Urus Niyaz in following 4 markaz after Waaz Mubarak.

  • Fakhri
  • Jamali
  • Ardiya
  • Jahra

No. Of thaals is nearly 600.

We all SEZ members consider ourselves fortunate to have got this Azim nemat specially today was a great day in History of Dawat and when we got two Azim Bushra in Waaz Mubarak.

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Ziyafat of Syedi Badrul Jamali Bs (DM)

Shabaul Eidiz Zahabi, Kuwait got sharaf of holding Ziyafat for Al Had Ul Anjabul As’ad wa Al Farkhadul Azhar Syedi Badrul Jamali BS (DM), who was in Kuwait for Ramadan Khidmat. Mamureen of other Marakiz (Jamali Markaz & Markazul Burhani Ardiya) were also invited. Hadiyah of model of a Safeena (Kuwaiti Traditional Dhow) was presented to Bhaisaheb.

Ziyafat was organized at the residence of a SEZ member and was attended by about 40 members. Special Kuwaiti food was prepared for the event and all specially guests liked it.

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FunFair 2019 Organized at KABD

Shabaul Eidiz Zahabi, organized the Annual Funfair Event at KABD.

This event was a grand success in which mumineen and thier children came in large numbers, free transporation was provided to and from KABD, Entertainment in different forms were availbale in various forms like - Scary House (massive Success), Buggy Rides, Bouncy Castle for our little ones and also for the ones who are still young at heart, numerous food stalls, plenty of spacvce for socializing, all in all it was an absolute family event with loads of entertainments and GIFTS.

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75th Milad Mubarak

On the occasion of Aqa Mola TUS 75th Milad Mubarak.

SEZ Kuwait was fortunate to get Sharaf of arranging Cakes in Fakhri, Jamali and Ardiya Marakiz in Kuwait, for more than 800 thaals small cakes were distributed and 5 big cakes for cake cutting in Khushi majalis.

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Ramadan Mela

Shababul Eidiz Zahabi Kuwait organized Ramadan Mela on Friday 27th April for the first time in Kuwait. Mela was inaugurated by Janab Amil Saheb Sheikh Saifuddin Bhai Jamali & Moawin Amil Saheb Sheikh Adnan bhai Jamali at 4.00 Pm and concluded at 10.30 PM with Lucky draw on the hands of both Ummal Kiram.

Mela had

  • 21 Commercial Stalls
  • 6 Food Stalls
  • 2 Khidmat Idara Stalls (Saifee Home Science & Burhani Women for Happy Thread)

Fakhri Markaz ground floor was fully decorated with Ramadan theme, with Curtains, Lights and Lanterns to give a feel of holy month of Ramadan.

Mela attracted huge crowd from the beginning till the end. Mela premises was jam packed with mumineen for more than 6 hours. More than 2,500 mumineen visited the mela and on an estimate business of more than 20thousand USD was conducted. Mumineen not only got benefit in prices due to competition among various stalls but also were benefitted as prices were further reduced in the last hours. Mumineen were seen rushing from one Stall to another with every announcement of further discount. Stall owners made good business and thanked SEZ team overwhelmingly for putting up such a grand Mela and creating opportunities for business owners as well as for the customers. Comments from few Stall owners are given at the end.

Apart from 53 Lucky draw prizes given on ‘Buy and Win’ coupons, hundreds of other instant prizes were given through ‘Answer and win’ contest and also through ‘Hourly draw’. 1st Prize was Karbala ticket, 2nd prize was Umrah ticket, 8 gold coins and many other exciting prizes were distributed.

Great enthusiasm was seen among stall owners and visitors from the beginning. Children were very happy to enjoy delicious food and were seen busy running for chance to participate in Answer and Win contest and also filling coupons for lucky draw and then anxiously waiting for the announcement of the prizes.

The atmosphere at the mela was amazing. Everybody seemed to be enjoying. As the word spread, even elderly people started coming in. Mumineen from other Mohallas of Kuwait too came in large numbers.

SEZ had put up a stall for Garage sale. (Special counter for sale of unused item given by mumineen for sale at very reasonable prices). Almost 70% of the items at this stall were sold. SEZ also had put up a food stall of Falooda and Ice cream which was huge success. A team of about 40 SEZ members & their families performed duty on the day before and on the day of the event to make the event successful.

We members of SEZ Kuwait are whole heartedly thankful to Daerato Shabab for guiding us in all possible ways to perform Khidmat with Aala niyat of gaining Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Mola TUS. We also express our gratitude to both Ummal Kiram (Sheikh Saifuddin bhai Jamali and Sh. Adnan bhai Jamali) for their continuous support, guidance and encouragement.

Below are few comments from Stall owners of Ramadan Mela

  1. Amazing event organized by SEZ. 1st time participated in such event. I have taken stall for bags which i am doing as part time work not. I took the stall mainly for marketing of StyleHub. Dont have knowledge about bohra ladies selection. Get to know abot the selection and their preference. Good response. Really appreciate the hard work given by SEZ for making this event successfull only its 1st time even not having a big space like Fakhri markaz basement or Ardiya markaz.
  2. Yest it all went well .. it was an amazing experience for me as i was my 1st time to participate in a mela and i sold almost everything i had, hardly things left... khuda aap sabne next year again karwa ni taufik aape and stay bless... Thank u :) Alefiya aliasgar amatullah creation.
  3. Thanks @ sezkuwait for giving all the entrepreneur this platform for showcasing our business at this level. It was amazing experience overall. Very well organized. Looking forward to participate in more such events.

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“Networking for effective Khidmat – Dine and Discuss”

Shababul Edidiz Zahabi, Najmi Mohalla, Kuwait organized a Seminar on following topic. "Networking for effective Khidmat – Dine and Discuss" in McDonald Fast food outlet near sea shore on 17th April from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Event was organized by sub-committee of Shabab titled “Personality Development and Get together”.

Event was conducted by Sh. Shabbir bhai Mala who is an expert soft skill trainer and Business Coach and has conducted many Seminar /Workshop in and outside Kuwait.

Seminar mainly Focussed on networking and knowing each other Personally, Professionally and Socially in the background of Khidmat. Members were given forms to fill that made them realise how much they actually know about SEZ colleagues. Members exchanged their visiting cards with each other, had formal and informal discussion, explored possibility of networking in business and khidmat while having dinner. Event was very successful and members from Khetan, Mirqab, Fahaheel ,Abbasiya,Hawalli, Istiqlal also attended the event.

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Workshop ‘KHIDMAT’ and Annual General Meeting

Shabab Kuwait Salmiya’s organized a two day’s workshop on subject ‘KHIDMAT’ exclusively for Shabab members on 20th and 21st Mar-18. Both Ummal kiram Janaab Amil Saheb Shk. Saifuddin bhai Jamali and Janaab Moawil Amil Saheb Shk. Adnan bhai Jamali conducted the workshop. It was truly exceptional & beneficial as we all got to understand the concept of KHIDMAT like never before. Attendees were mesmerized by the awesome workshop tools and contents utilized for step by step explanation of the subject.

Following stanza (band) from Nasihat of Syenda Taher Saifuddin Moula RA is the ultimate guideline for Khidmatguzar.

Dawatul Haq ni Karje tu khidmat
Dawat ni khidmat che Mohti nemat
Khamje je pahuche ehma he zehmat
Karse tane taara Khaliq rehmat
Ajr tane ehnu bhaari milse
Yahan bhi ane tu jevare walse

First 4 lines of this nasihat ends with ‘Khidmat, Nemat, Zehmat and Rehmat. Explanation of these 4 rhyming words in context of khidmat was mind-blowing.

In the first line Moula instructs mumineen to do Khidmat of Dawatul Haq. In the second line Moula explains that Khidmat is MOHTI NEMAT (not small). The third line says ,”Shoulder the pains or hardship that you face in Khidmat”. Zehmat to thaasej magar khami lejo. Fourth line says that ‘tamara Rab’ will shower Rehmat on you and then further lines says that fruit of Khidmat is BHAARI (huge) to be received here and hereafter as well.

Difference between Rehmat and Zehmat is of only one NUQTA. “Zehmat Khami leso to rehmat bani jaase”. A lot more was described and members were lucky to be part of this wonderful workshop.

After the workshop, a presentation was made by New Committee regarding their vision of 2018. Thereafter Ikram was done of old office bearers followed by Buffet dinner.